Post 5

Hello and still can’t thank you enough for everything!!!!! My favorite chemo nurse asked me what my secret was and I thought of all the wonderful people around me who by grace I call friends and family. 

Just a quick update: fourth cycle of chemo went well. My dad came up for a few days and KC friends Ashley, Seth, Sarah and Colin made it in for the wknd! Great seeing them:))) I love them to pieces. 

My oncologist scheduled a CT scan for May 4th, as well as an appt w the radiation oncologist whom I’ve already met and liked very much. Typically radiation is a quick daily treatment, Monday thru Friday for 4-6 weeks. So we will see what they have to say next week!! 

Love to you all,



2 thoughts on “Post 5

  1. Hello Goddess of all good things……… make me smile and laugh and cry………you are such grace under pressure. Please know that I am transmitting crystal clear energy and blessings to you.

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